May 2017 Print

Community Service

IGNITE continues to be the signature event for the IES Buffalo Section. The interior design program at Buffalo State College is on display for this event and the students continue to push the envelope and inpress the judges with there lighting designs. Congratulations to the scholarship winners, and to all students for their wonderful efforts.

Thank you to our sponsors, Cree, LDI, Vertex, Wendel, and Quality Lighting systems. Special thank you to our keynote speaker, IES Past President, and guest judge Kevin Flynn. Sincere thanks to other judges: IES Director of Education Tom Butters, IES Buffalo Section Vice President Don Guize, Buffalo State College professors Raelyn Woltz, and Paul Mercier (IES Past President). Check out the photo gallery.

The Curtiss Hotel will be the place to stay in Buffalo for the foreseeable future when it opens it's doors this year. The IES Buffalo Section had a sneak peek inside the hotel on April 20. The tour took started in the main lobby, through the outdoor hot springs, the rooftop lounge, the premier rooms on the 6th floor, the kitchen, and basement. Many of the attendees were amazed at the quality of the materials, the exotic designs, and enjoyed seeing parts of a building they normally will never see, and spaces that were not complete. Looking forward to seeing the project complete. Check out the photo gallery.

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