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Lighting design is a specialty that requires vision, sensitivity, flexibility, and technical expertise. It is both an art and a science. Expertise in both enables a designer to seamlessly incorporate lighting into a project.

Lighting Design Innovations (LDI) was established to provide lighting design expertise to Owners, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, and to those responsible for maintaining the environment affected by electric light sources.

Our mission is to incorporate lighting into architecture, in a way that both humanizes and complements the space and environment. LDI believes that understanding the owner’s needs and vision, and our dedication to a team approach, will lead to a successful project.

Firm Overview
Lighting Design Innovations was founded by the partnership of Paul and Kimberly Mercier. Since 2000 LDI has participated in and completed numerous interior, exterior, and artistic lighting projects across the United States and Canada. Our US-based headquarters opened in 2008 and serves as design studio, demonstration space, and lighting education facility.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability compels our project approach to minimize the impact of lighting energy consumption. LDI accomplishes this objective by promoting appropriate lighting technologies and application solutions to create high quality and functional spaces and environments for life and living.